Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Many Thanksgivings have passed in my life - over 40 and I am still learning things that I have to be thankful for. This season in my life continues to be dominated by the things I and my family are involved in. That is natural. However, there is a building of life bringing things that will bring value for years to come. That I think is the gift of intentionally living. I once said to a friend - "you are living the dream". She responded by saying, "No, I am living MY dream." We are each living out the lives God intended. It is an amazing adventure to open up to the possibilities and then invest in them with our time and resources. This morning a few of us women folk got together and talked in the quiet. We all have such different personalities, but for this one moment we are together, living our lives in community. I am grateful for the perspectives they bring. I pray that we will have more moments, but the thing I know at this age, is that I am grateful and truly thankful, for all the days we have to share with our people. They are a gift. God is good. Carpe diem.

perspective no. 1

perspective no. 2

perspective no. 3