Thursday, August 23, 2012

from the corner of my eye

This was caught from the corner of my eye. A blink and they run towards me on my evening walk. So many times life feels like this. The beauty surrounding me in a quick flash. Maybe that is why I try to still it in some small way to remember. 

We were up late last night visiting friends. Just the parents visiting. That is a huge step in our little world to be able to run over to visit with friends while our children stay home. It has been happening more this last year but last night solidified it. That is a milestone moment.

We have had a good and full season. It has been a catharsis time and a chance to get some good solid work done on so many fronts. I am very excited. I will try to post something about where we are in our educational journey later. It has been an amazing year and this next year seems to be a good opportunity to continue the work that was laid out from last year. 

All this is to say, when I awoke this morning I got on my work out clothes and got ready to go. I am just doing life one day at a time. Always with the awareness of trying to see the gift of it all. And some days it is easier to summon up the perseverance needed in this [my] middle age to keep the fires strong. Inertia and a good cup of coffee could keep me from the good work and yet I know how right it is to pursue this health. God is good. Carpe diem.