Monday, August 20, 2012


A popular book going around circles is Ann Voskamp's One Thousand Gifts. It has been out for awhile I had been pondering her highlighted word eucharisteo - thanksgiving. 

She breaks it down into 

charis - grace
eucharisteo - thanksgiving
chara - joy

In this season of being a woman in my forties, married to my dearest friend for over 20 years, working on learning how to juggle many jobs - wife, mother, entrepreneur, homemaker, photographer, educator, and so on...I wonder about this meditation on eucharisteo. It has inspired such great conversations among the people. Are we hungry to be satisfied with what we have. Do we acknowledge that this life is lived best IN the moment. Do we know that our souls long for the rest of one thing at a time. I am so grateful for the community of believers, of families working on nourishing the whole family units, of camaraderie in the journey. Today so many little unexpected joys came in to my day. The breath of my sweet girl on my cheek as she snuggled in early this morning, my little boy trying to speak excitedly to me as he explained some new concept rocking his world, my eldest coming to sit in my arms arms all akimbo, my husband working hard to carry the load of this family as he juggles the pressures of working, an unexpected visit from an old friend, a summer evening walk. 

And yet amidst all that the hard stilling news of a dearest of dear ones having cancer. It takes ones breath away. And so I think of my early morning meditation of eucharisteo. Thanksgiving for this life. This work. We are all walking our own paths and I pray that I am encouraging my children by example to walk with care this beautiful gift. That I work hard, and play often, that I travel light, love deeply and unreservedly, that I pay attention, that I continue to work at learning and growing, be open, be kind...the list could go on. But for today I remember my dear friend saying "I am in the practice of trusting God, and this is no different." What an amazing testimony. 

God is good. Carpe diem.

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christina said...

a beautiful post my friend. you always fill me with such hope, when i read your tender and faithful words.