Sunday, May 6, 2012

climbing the mountains in community

Today was a good day to climb a mountain. After church I looked out at the sunny sky and thought I must go be in nature, I must. So, I suggested a few families should gather and hike. Some of them took us up on our proposition. It is the first hike of the season. With baguette in hand, cheap plastic cups, sliced oranges, meat, cheese, tapenade, wine, and good friends we 3 families climbed a mountain. It was a beautiful evening for a mountain climb. Us mama's couldn't help but compare this journey to life's journey. We muttered thoughts of gratefulness. We climbed. It was hot and hard to climb. The children scampered, the babies fussed and then we all settled into the climb. At the top, we celebrated. The children ran and explored, the parents prepared a simple meal, and then we ate. We brought simple foods and then broke out the wine. Truly the beauty, the friendship, the exercise, and the joy was all so good. I was grateful that the men and women talked, that husbands and wives embraced, held hands, that children played and shared with each other and that when one fell, they were comforted and helped back onto the road. Isn't that all a part of what we hope for in this life? It really doesn't take much to enter into such beauty. God is good. Carpe diem.

the end of the hike

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KeriAnn said...

Thankful for your eyes that see the glory of this story as we journey through.